Monday, 23 December 2013

Reschedule Information Intake!!

--Collect your thoughts and clear your head, this stretch can relieve muscle tension can create peace of mind!!

--Disappear with all stress and emerge as the Beautiful Best :)

--Take a few moments out with the Beloved Shiny Sun, it punches off all gloominess :-)

--Create a futuristic track-suit and wear it each morning for a brisk workout to have a Smiley Energetic Day!!

--Whenever feel drained, rinse with a sprinkle of cold water droplets on your eyes and forehead. A Spring of Toughness gushes in.. :-)

--Minimize the crunch, renew Self and the Vivacious Zeal!!

--Let Dimension define you and not the surroundings play the larger role..

--Make classical music your Best Buddy when nothing can catch up the overwhelmed emotions..

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