Thursday, 19 December 2013

Essence of Life!!

--Take an endearing mix of books that can get one's wheel turning and sparkle the delightful oppurtunity of inhaling calmness & warmth of one's soul..

--Rise above Challenges & emerge Successful and at peace with ourselves!!

--Be a Time Management Freakie & enjoy the most of sea-salt breezes and crisp-cool mist of ocean.. Gorgeous Catch and Beautifully Articulated Combo.. :-)

--Boost Spirit with a dash of Energy, Humanity, Warmth, Humour, Benevolence and Compassion!!

--Let the Heart rub & polish for a brisk scoping and an ocean side coffee sipping..

--Wake Up a new Smile everyday!!

--Amaze everyone around with Passion, Hope, Ideas..

--Break Rules for Fun!!

--Let the 'Moment of Surrender' soak and seek Beauty in Life..



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