Saturday, 14 December 2013

Cultivating Thoughts!!

--Line up emotions in your wardrobe.. The best emotions on the bottom level, so that each time you open up the wardrobe and start hunting for the favourite lot..your eyes will bend down and that, perhaps plays a significant role in keeping your very 'True-Self' grounded!!!

--Stack the wardrobe with an array of thoughts..Remember, FIFO, LIFO methods of managing inventory and financial matters.. Same technique applies when it comes to Special Thoughts!! 

--Pull each thought with extra soft-touch each morning, wear it gracefully for the rest of the day!! Let this be the Driving Force, the Guiding Star, the Daring Habit!!

--Be a Coach of Circumstances!! Fuel your Journey of Life in pursuit of Peace, Happiness, Contentment, Success, Fortune & Growth!!


  1. Very Good.....Loved d LIFO-FIFO emotional combo!!

  2. Thanks Kanika..!! I guess, life is far-more better this way.. :-)


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