Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Cuddle the Fear, Ruffle the Tear!!!

--Inhale the exotic fragrance of coffee and lavender and coconut oil, it drips the stress level :-)

--Discover the curiosity, shift the wave towards enthusiasm to weave a sweater of precious lessons!!

--Run to warm up one's expectation, boost motivation and accelerate concentration power..

--Music soothes the inner core, protects and ramps up the health. An extra mile persuades an extra ounce of improved productivity!!

--Inducing meditative state each morning into one's schedule relaxes brainwave and issues rhythmic stimuli.. :-)

--Dim the light of fear to speed up the self-esteem!! Stay Toasty, Stay Happy!!

--Strategies, Resolutions, Actions reframes the mind for better output.. :-)

--Early Morning Risers gathers the best of the available resources increasing efficiency, knowledge and the best of the health kicking stress, depression and tension off..!!!!!



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