Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Optimistic Mindset!!

--Channelise the Passion for Writing, Dancing, Music, Cooking, Stitching, Gardening, ANYTHING..SIMPLY ANYTHING!!!

--Buckle down your footsteps with a commitment & vigor to radiate the Word..Word of Diversity, Daydreams, Voyage, Dedication, Priceless Experience and Eternal Friendship.. :-)

--Squeeze time to express positive things about self, friends, family, relatives, nature..

--Take a Journey of Self-Actualization to allow self to conquer fears, inhibitions, sorrows for evolution of Dreams..long-cherished aspirations!!

--Play your Favourite Musical Instrument..

--Spread a Contagious Spirit for Adventure!!

--Say it out, 'My Dear Writer's Block--I've defeated You!!!'

--Enjoy the Last Mile of Craziness, Madness!!


  1. कल 20/12/2013 को आपकी पोस्ट का लिंक होगा पर

  2. Thank you Yashwant Jee..!!

    Saadar Aabhaar..:-)

  3. Saadar Dhanywaad Asha Saxena Jee..


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